Wide To Tall Film Festival

With the theme for the inaugural festival to be “Sustainable Living: Human + Planet”, organisers aim to empower youths and content creators to tell inspirational stories of ‘solutions and strength, resilience and collaborative spirit’ already present to create content spotlighting corporate-led CSR and eco/sustainability programmes and research that benefit and impact the community. 

The Wide to Tall Film Festival aims to empower and inspire the audience – both young and old – to be the change in their lives

We recognise that the language of the future is in mobile technology. Embracing the emerging 5G technology while empowering the youth. A generation who now lives on their mobile lifestyles.

Instead of trying to curb their use, why not give them better values which will encourage them to make better decisions. Include them in the conversation and acknowledge their creative innovation in creating their own language and unique tone of voice, through their medium of choice. 

About The Organiser

Cocreates and Cocurator

Cocreates, an agency whose mission is to empower youths in the process of building a socially-conscious network and community of creatives. 

Utilising art & culture, skilled in creative storytelling, content creation, using tech, design and media to tell inspirational stories of social good while helping company CSRs share their efforts into the wider communities, so that we will be able to start building a more conscious and sustainable society together.

‘Passion Makes Purpose’, through education, mentorship and storytelling.

Meet Our Judges

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