Empowering Action Takers

As they say, you can either be a good example to inspire or a bad example of warning, chasing to conceptualise your films through intentions of fear-mongering blame and shame or through intentions of LOVE, inspiration, entertainment, humour wonder and bliss. It is our challenge to you to chose love over fear in all of these challenges. There seem to be too many warning videos and perspectives of blame and dread in our media environment based on these subjects. This category is created to see how you can showcase the people on the grounds already in action for good, or creating inspirational videos that compel the youths to call to action. All great innovations need great communications to have traction and move mountains. How will you design this communication through your moving images, in this vertical medium of choice, in your own uniques voice?


Founder, We Got This

#WeGotThis (WGT) is a global youth sustainability incubator programme, presented by Temasek
Foundation and organised by WWF-Singapore, in collaboration with Green Is The New Black
and Grey Singapore. As a youth-led community movement targeted at youths between 18 to 25
years old, the programme creates a safe space for them to come together to be empowered to
take the lead in their own sustainable future, through social media advocacy.
Launched in Singapore in September 2021, WGT features masterclasses, a boot camp, as well
as a six-month practicum and mentorship incubator for sustainability doers and better world
seekers to learn about climate and sustainability, innovation, conscious living, and digital
advocacy. At the core of it is the programme’s unique advocacy-building approach, where youths
will be provided with the knowledge, skills and tools from speakers and mentors to design and
execute strategic sustainability advocacy campaigns on their chosen topic of interest, for them to
take action to build and drive change in their own social following and the larger community.

Peter Sage

International Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Sage, 46, is a leading and well-known international serial entrepreneur with over 20 start-ups to his credit, some of which, such as the Energie fitness brand, have grown into global success stories.

He is a Multiple No 1. Best selling author, philanthropist, expert in human behaviour and highly sought after speaker who has spoken on 5 continents and shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and President Bill Clinton.

Named one of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs of 2015 by Inspiring Leadership Now
alongside Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mark Zukerberg.

Awarded the distinguished 2013 Brand Laureate Award from the Asian Pacific Brands Foundation for extraordinary individuals – Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton & Tiger Woods.

Peter is also an accomplished athlete having completed several marathons and the formidable 18th Marathon des Sables - widely recognized as the toughest footrace in the world. He also competes at British Championship level indoor rowing, is a qualified open water diver, an experienced skydiver, national champion marksman and a long standing member of the infamous Dangerous Sports Club. He has also raised over $1m dollars for various charities.

He is a global citizen and lives with his fiancé and 2 dogs.

Mun and Chrissie

Co-founders, Cocurator

Cocurator, whose mission is to empower youths in the process of building a socially-conscious network and community of creatives.
Utilising art & culture, skilled in creative storytelling, content creation, using tech, design and media to tell inspirational stories of social good while helping company CSRs share their efforts into the wider communities, so that we will be able to start building a more conscious and sustainable society together.
‘Passion Makes Purpose’, through education, mentorship and storytelling.