WTF2 learning festival is open to everyone. 

Please register a profile under to gain access to the Colab LMS to watch the interviews from partner advocates. 

Judging criteria 

Judging criteria would fall under five main categories, creativity, unique perspective, storytelling, aesthetics & sustainability quotient. Sustainability quotient would measure Social innovation, capital and impact. (More to be share upon official launch and release)

Submission of film competition:

Empowering youth to take the lead in driving this vertical format film festival.

  • For 2021 pilot edition, we will only be accepting local submission. 
  • WTF2 is open to youths aged below 35 yrs old. 
  • Anyone residing in Singapore is able to submit (not necessary to be PR or citizen)
  • Submission is through the portal.
  • Finalists will be placed into the Virtual film festival portal and open for international viewing and voting for 3 weeks until 21st January 2022.
  • Viewing is continuous in the Viddsee WTF2 Channel post event.
  • Winners will be announced in the prize ceremony in January 2022.

All Submissions to be uploaded onto the Official site. 

Early-bird submissions
Before 14th Nov 2021 : $38

Normal submissions
Before 12th Dec 2021 : $68

Education submissions
With partner schools only
Special concession price of $48

Submission deliverables: 

Deliverables (for short films only)

  • Film + Film Poster with title and team.
  • Vertical format 9:16, HD, 1080 x 1920 px.
  • The films shall not be more than 3 (Three) minutes (180 seconds), including the beginning and end credits (Optional).
  • Film poster is strictly for identification and marketing purposes and is not part of the judging criteria.
  • 30 sec trailer for use of promotion and marketing on various platforms.
  • Film poster must be vertical in jpg format of 1080 x 1920 px in 72 DPI.

Film festival Challenge Categories:


Pollution Prevention

  1. Plastic Pollution
  2. Recycling/upcycling
  3. Waste Management


  1. Vegetatio
  2. Land
  3. Marine


Social Issues

  1. Diversity & Inclusivity
  2. Vulnerable Elderly
  3. Mental Wellness
  4. Social Consciousness

Action Takers

  1. Sustainable Fashion
  2. Empowering Action Taker

Video submissions are open to interpretation. 

The objective is to get a flavour of the youth’s perspective and learn the tone of voice for the youth generation. These go across the board through all Challenge Categories.

Viewer’s Choice is open to all Challenge Categories, and award to the video with most audience votes.

Best Overall Film and Best Documentary:

This can come through as a narrative story piece highlighting human interest storytelling, in terms of drama, humour, inspirational, documentary or promotional video direction. 

Organisers aim to empower youths and content creators to tell inspirational stories of ‘solutions and strength, resilience and collaborative spirit’. 

You can choose to create programming on already present to create content spotlighting current on-going campaigns, eco/sustainability programmes and research that benefit and impact the community. 

Or come up with your own unique topic close and dear to your heart, one which you can find your own voice and identify with.

The Best Expression category

The Best Expression category invites abstract inspirational videos with clear messaging.

The Best Animation

The Best Animation category invites all animation works with a clear messaging. 

Please see excerpt from competition Brief:

The choices we make for our creative expressions based on the goals of our intentions, are based on two main emotions. Love and Fear. I challenge you to chose Love over Fear every single time. This will make all the difference.

Projects Aims: 

To research and develop inspirational vertical video content on the themes of Human & Planet, drawing from the understandings of ESG goals to make it relevant for youths to consume, by focusing on the issues close to the youths immediate interests.

Call to action: Human & Plant challenges us to look inwards to reflect on what state we are acting from. To raise our level of consciousness and create from the intentions of Love over Fear when conceptualising. To act for the common good with compassion and determination, on behalf of the environment, our attitudes to the management of society and the emancipation of marginalised people, whatever the reason, be it race, belief, gender, sexuality or mental health, special needs, socioeconomics, etc.

The Brief:

Terminology and labels are the death of us. We have a love hate relationship with it. Always wanting to define things so we understand it, yet feel repelled when engaging with terms and label which tend to box us up. The world is a grey area which is so interconnected we know that this cannot be defined by simplistic word. So we turn to the magic of moving images, videos animations and music, to try to express how we feel in place of words.

The Media is responsible for driving these fears and feelings of uncertainty, and the media is also the solution to which we may be able to spread inspiration. So this WTF2 Challenge is where we get a chance to try to turn that media influence around. To give the youth a chance to have a voice, in their own words and their medium of choice.

This is so we can share simple actions which youth can undertake in their own ways that everyone can do everyday, which will prove extremely impactful.  But more immediate is the topic on the topic of Human, the more prevalent issues of diversity, inclusivity, mindset for mental health and social wellness would have much better bearings as a topic we can front.

The Challenge:

Go through the interviews and virtual lunch-time seminars series to get a good overview of the topics. You can connect to these advocates for more Q&A, through the discussion groups connected to the courses in Colab LMS for your own self-directed learning.

You can either chose to make videos of these suggested topics or use them as inspiration, to finding your own topics of interest which speak to your heart. These are just examples and conversation starters for you to start conceptualising perspectives of your own. There-by leaving the outcomes open to interpretation.

To produce a 1-3 mins short film based on the themes Human and Planet, selecting one of the topics from the categories of interest.

You are welcomed to make as many videos for submission as you want. And we advice testing these videos with your audience as you grow your perspective and tone of voice, specific to your target audience of the youth.

**You can join as a team of maximum 4 pax or individually. You are welcome to submit multiple videos or animations.
However, every submission will require an entrance fee.

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