We are going through a global and social emergency!

Right now, creatives & youths are suffering a scarcity vs abundance mentality.

A disenchanting viewpoint towards sustainability, the future and the issues of social wellness. A huge disconnect between generations, corporations and communities, when it comes to the topic of sustainability. Labelled the “boomer’s problem” left for the youth to clean up, spoken to them through foreign terminologies they labeled as “boomer’s language”. This is clearly a breakdown in communication issues.

The pandemic has amplified feelings of disempowerment and taken away opportunities, jobs and limiting choices, creating a general feeling of lack. Creating stress, resulting in rising mental health issues, leading to an increase in youth suicides. 

It is important that we turn our attention outwardly. Documentation and appreciation of the good in our society will accelerate the positive change we see in the environment around us. 

Why not take this as an opportunity to be that voice of change, by taking on the challenge of “What’s Your story?

Now with more eyes than ever before in history have we got more eyes on the internet, but harder than ever to catch the viewer’s attention.


The Results of Digital Adoption

But contrary to common belief there is so much good being done today.

The worry is that these actions, research and efforts are usually not known to the wider public, but kept active in their usual circles and tribes. CSR efforts are not to be muddied with the Marketing budget, for fear of Greenwashing.

Understandable, but Unfortunate, unable to reach the wider public. Hence, leaving a wicked conundrum in its wake. How to inspire the youths who are not in the circles, how to share the not-so-sexy term of sustainability and “on trend”, so there’s a chance to shift their mindsets into a habit.

Diversity and Inclusion

Mental Wellness & Social Consciousness

Sustainable Fashion

Empowering Action Takers