If you are still not aware, we are sharing Earth!

Focusing on issues pertaining to protecting our planetary boundaries. Generating ideas that spotlights the most promising new sustainability concepts in the world today.


Eg. Pollution Prevention, Responsible consumption and production, Green Spaces, Sustainable Materiality, climate action and biodiversity, such as life and vegetation on land as well as below water.  

On the topic of Planet and Human: There is a huge disconnect and misunderstanding between generations, corporations and communities, when it comes to the topic of sustainability, as it has been labelled the “boomer’s problem” left for the youth to clean up, talked down to them with “boomer’s language”. Sustainability has since become a bad word amongst the younger generations. Something coined simply to define the need to live a sustainable lifestyle has turned into the label of blame and shame. The symbol of fear and uncertainty of your very existence. A future too scary to behold.

The growing distaste for the term sustainability is due to the constant reminders and warnings and news, also due to greenwashing and constant noise surrounding it. Compassion fatigue is real and more often than not, we tend to get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, when we don’t know how we ourselves are able to truly help the situation. The feeling of helplessness, the realisation that we are part of the problem and not part of the solution grows heavy on us. Without a clear direction for ways of being able to do anything about it.

The bigger the problem seems to be portrayed the smaller and more insignificant we tend to find ourselves feeling. What can one little person like me, on a tiny little island in the pacific do? How can I make a difference when millions before have tried.

Take on this challenge to find a way and perspective of presenting a tired subject. 

Pollution Prevention