Sustainable Fashion

Needless to say, we identify with how we dress up to face the world each day. Its little things reflect the state of mind and help that 2 percent which takes on the ripple effect throughout the day. Understanding more about what it takes to manufacture the clothes that we buy and cloak on as a statement of who we are, what we represent and in turn, who we turn up us, is a ritual we take for granted every morning.

Fast fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter in the world today. Though the pandemic has slowed it down these past two years, only education and practical acceptance in the choices we take, is going to make any difference in this industry moving forward. Sustainable fashion is about the production line, choice materials, recycling fibers and ethical processes all playing a part in keeping the fashion industry a sustainable one. It’s not perfect but it’s getting better.

On the consumer end, though the draw to buy them cheap is real. It is our responsibility to question where and how this came to your doorstep. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is, someone would have had to suffer along the way of its production line to keep the price so low and unbelievable. There are many considerations in understanding this conundrum, it’s not hard to outtake our considered effort to want to be part of this solution and change. Everyone takes a moment to decide what to wear each day. If everyone uses that moment to consider standing up for sustainable fashion practices, we are doing so much in our own capacity to help in the larger scale of climate change, water pollution and on a more personal note, creating our own empowering mindset just knowing you’re adorning the clothes which represent the issues your stand up for.

Simon Chow

Co-Founder of OLC, K!BO, and Director of Splendid Footwear

A second-generation footwear manufacturer, his family has been manufacturing and trading footwear out of Hong Kong and China for over 50 years to all corners of the globe. Educated in Australia, Simon is an avid supporter of sustainability, and head up all things sustainable in our group.

Orange represents the passion and fire of red, tempered with the wisdom of yellow, and that is vision of how Orange Lifestyle Collective (OLC) approaches everything we do.

Our goal is to create positive impacts through the use of our innovative natural and sustainable materials, and we will continually challenge ourselves to improve and stay on the cutting edge in this regard. In doing so, we will inspire the fashion industry to look beyond harm mitigation and find the positive impact solutions that we know exists.

The strength of our Collective is that we cover a broad lifestyle spectrum, but at the same time have experts in each segment that knows the category deeply.

Yvette Hass


Yvette Hass is a young Swedish Designer who this spring releases her first 2 lines, YVETTE HASS Fashion Apparel and YH Watches.

She believes in creating mini collections with a high degree of fashion that creates a demand, covet and a curiosity about what’s next to come.

Yvette Hass want to create strong individual pieces rather than a choral collection. Made for everyday wear from day-time to night-time.
Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine in color and long-lasting in both style and extension of upcoming collections.

Yvette worked with some Swedish brands before she went to Hong Kong to try ”her wings” as a Design and Marketing manager.
The empolyment also included designing and developing collections for the international market.
Her time in Hong Kong was very instructive. Many experiences and contacts later Yvette turned back home determined to fulfil her dream. The result of that dream is now being launched, Yvette Hass Fashion Apparel and YH watches

Both the garments and watches are presented in exclusive and sober colours with a high demand of details and finishing.
Carefully selected materials, such as cotton, silk and lambskin lays the foundation for the exclusive feeling the garments creates for the customer.

Yvette Hass points out the important of showing respect to both the environment and to the people affected in creating her collections.
- I want to everybody to be able to stand behind our products, everyone from the people working in our factories, our suppliers, staff in our shops and of course our users. Everyone should be able to feel safe, being involved in the process or being the ones carrying the products.
- Our workers should not be exposed to harmful chemicals; they should have normal working hours, wages and an approved work environment. The factories we use must be checked, ventilation must be checked and fire and emergency exits shall be secured and approved. No chemical emissions should be made in the nature or watercourses. No children should be present in our factories, equally so the materials we use from the animal kingdom will be handled in a humane manner.

Current condition:
When the migrant brothers come to Singapore to work, they have to pay agents to help them look for jobs. The amount ranges from SGD5,000 to SGD20,000. These fees will then be paid by the migrant brothers to the agents over many months of instalments. It may take up to 3 years to clear these fees.

In the interim, the migrant brothers scrimp and save, after paying off the agent fees. They want to send more money home. Daily food is what they mainly save on, resulting in a simple dish of curry and rice for three dishes, every day.

The migrant brothers help us with the infrastructure projects. From the MRT tracks to housing developments, and they deserve better. Just as we help the low income families in Singapore, the migrant workers deserve our assistance too.

Help us to give them better food and improve their qualities of life.

Kay Wong

Sustainable Fashion Designer

Founded in 2016 after a decade of small-scale problem solving, Think.Shift.Design. or TSD, is
uniquely positioned as a disruptive Eco-system Builder and Solutions Provider.
TSD is an agile and constantly improving enterprise that actively develops, measures, redefines
and benchmarks our research, processes and outcomes to metrics, indices, KPIs and policy

We are fashion surgeons, here to give clothes a second chance at life. The fashion industry is sick. We resuscitate dead stock and pre-loved clothing so that we can live in style without adding to the world’s landfills.

We specialise in redesigning and upcycling deadstock garments and material for individuals, fashion and lifestyle brands as well as corporates, NGOs and theatre groups, creating fashion pieces, artwork, home furnishings and costumes. The process involves deconstruction and reconstruction of garments, recuperating and working with leftover or surplus material, embroidery, needle punching, print and sewing, all done in our studio in Hong Kong.

We value our community, we come together as Fashion Clinic Collective to restore and redesign clothing, jewellery, hats and bags. Our team consists of different specialists, designers and makers to broaden our spectrum of services. We call this the WARDROBE AWAKENING SERVICE, repairing, restoring, redyeing and redesigning your favourite item for you. We also regularly give talks and workshops on commission.

We hope to CHANGE DESIGN to DESIGN CHANGE, and close the loop of the consumption cycle. We believe in the need for CIRCULARITY and RESPONSIBILITY in fashion, together we hope to design a FUTURE WITHOUT WASTE. This is our FASHION REVOLUTION.

Kay Wong, fashion designer, artist and curator, currently focusing on upcycling dead stock material and garments.
She calls herself a fashion surgeon, creating Fashion Clinic in 2018
giving clothes a second chance at life, resuscitating dead stock and preloved clothing to close the loop of the consumption cycle.

2000-2003: Central Saint Martins College Of Art and Design—BA Textiles Design
2003-2005: Royal College of Art-- MA Constructed Textiles
2006 –2016 : Daydream Nation – creative director

awards recieved :
- White Milan’s ‘Womanswear Inside White Award’, 2008;
- Perspective/Cierre Italia’s ‘40 under 40’ Design Award, 2009;
- Vogue Italia’s ‘Vogue Talent 2010’;
- Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2009, 2011;

2018: founded FASHION CLINIC, and rebuilt DAYDREAM NATION into TOMORROW by Daydream Nation.