Whats Your Story?

Why is sustainability important to the youths today?

Creatives being the gate-keepers to the media industry will act as perfect conduits, as they research to create captivating, empowering videos to highlight the various issue plaguing our society and the world today. 

Raising the awareness of the community, through films that entertain and elicit inclusive messaging. 

Raising their own awareness as they learn more about the subjects to find progressive design solutions or by just acting as witnesses to the world as they use storytelling to move a generation.

What’s unique about WTF2, is that there is so much for anyone – youth and aspiring filmmakers alike – to tap on. Together with our education and knowledge partners, we have designed a whole slew of participatory activities to engage with youth and content creators, while educating and inspiring them through a learning festival, enticing them through challenges that lead up to the film awards and prizes, as the reward.

These opportunities will encourage them to meet communities in need, and expose them to innovative solutions for empowerment and change while creating opportunities for learning about the soft skills of storytelling and the crafting of vertical cinema.

We believe that it all starts with education

We believe that it all starts with Education – with a culture that accepts failure as the preparation for success. Our mission encourages experiment after experiment – so that pilot projects with transferable frameworks achieve success, throughout the diverse cultures in ASEAN.